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United Business is a one-stop-shop company located in Portugal with the aim of helping and providing all kinds of services for those who intend to globalize and expand their business and life.

Our team is ready to help and assist our partners and clients in all their needs, either in Portugal – for those who pretend to come to Portugal to live, to work, or to do business –, or for Portuguese partners and clients who pretend to expand their activities to other countries.

United Business identifies opportunities for our partners and clients worldwide and makes all the effort to match the options with their needs. 

We can provide a fast, efficient, and productive service for everyone through a network of contacts in the private and public sectors and embassies.

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Business Advisory

Our team advises and provides all the necessary information to help our partners and clients to choose potential markets or to increase their position in the markets where they are already operating.

Market Review

We can provide specific data and information regarding any sector and country that our clients pretend to explore or study.

Business Incorporation

Using our network, United Business can provide a list of contacts to help our clients operate in most countries in the world.

Meetings with potential clients, suppliers, or others

We can arrange appointments with our clients, with specific contacts, either for buying or selling products or services, but also with reputable lawyers, governmental institutions, and others.

Emigration Services

Business United have experience in emigration advisory, being able to help and advise our clients on their better option regarding any need with Emigration.




Welcome to United Business

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